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Pressure washing

Does your patio or driveway look dirty and full of weeds? Pressure washing can dramatically improve the look of your patio, driveway or pathway, by effectively removing the dirt, moss and algae from the surface. By cleaning these outdoor surfaces your home or commercial premises can look much better, and not create a bad impression to visitors to your home or business.

Paving slab patio cleaning

Render Cleaning

Is the exterior render of your house looking grubby and unsightly? Are you concerned about the impact that unclean walls will have on the value of your home? Do you wonder about potential health hazards that might be associated with grimy green and mouldy external walls? If so, you might want to consider getting your rendered walls cleaned by an expert render cleaning service. Atmospheric pollution in the air and organic growth can often accumulate on rendered walls over time. If you notice excess moisture, staining or organic growth on your external walls, then its time to get them cleaned, and maintain the appearance of your property. Austin Exterior Cleaning provide this service. Why not give us a call and get a free quote.

render cleaning

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are an eco-friendly, economic and efficient way to save money on your energy bills. However, when they become dirty and covered in dust, bird droppings, sticky residue and other types of grime that start to cover your solar panels, their efficiency is reduced. When sunlight is blocked or diminished from accessing the cells less energy is being produced. Inevitably, this means it ends up costing you more on your energy bills. A regular clean once or twice a year will ensure that your solar panels will continue performing at their full capacity.

solar panel cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Over time the appearance of UPVC guttering will become dirty. Even though the main function of your guttering is to divert water away from your house, over time your gutters can start to accumulate dirt and they will begin to look unsightly. At Austin Window Cleaning we can provide you with a regular cleaning schedule, even if it's just once a year, to ensure your gutters always remain clean.

gutter cleaning

Gutter clearing

As well as gutter cleaning we can also clear out your gutters when needed to make sure your gutters remain free of obstruction to work properly and avoid problems, such as water ingress and internal dampness. To clear gutters we use a Gutter Vac system which clears the gutters through powerful suction. This system is used safely from the ground to clear out any moss and debris in the gutter and in the downpipe.

gutter clearing

Window cleaning

We clean all types of residential property including terraced, semi-detached, detached and bungalows, as well as apartment blocks. When we clean your windows the price we agree with you is for the cleaning of the glass, plus upvc window sills and frames. We use a water fed pole system and can reach windows up to three storeys from the ground.

window cleaning

Fascia and soffit cleaning

When people look at your property, as well as the doors and windows, the fascias and soffits are part of the external features people see on your home. Just as with UPVC guttering, the fascias and soffits can eventually look dirty and can even turn green with algae if left uncleaned. Why not make sure your home always looks at its best. Let us clean your fascias and soffits for a competitive price. You can contact us on either of the numbers below.

fascias soffits and gutters cleaning

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